Sunday, February 15, 2009

NewsRob For Free (kind of)

Unfortunately Google take their sweet time to open up the Android Market for paid apps. And even though US and UK based developers can post their paid apps in the week from the 16th on, they will not open the Market for German developers for the time being.

To not take it out on the NewsRob users I decided to lift the articles limit to 500, which in effect is the full version. Later today I'll make it available at not cost at the Android Market until it opens for paid apps from Germany.

It will probably contain ads in a non-obtrusive way. At least I will test out how un-obtrusive they are and what the users' feedback is.

Afterward the free version will be limited to 50 articles again and ads-free. As we don't know how long it will take Google to open up their Android Market, this will happen by way of update. That's probably the fairest way.

Please think about this transition time as an extended trial period, not about me taking something away from you after the free version will be restricted again.

The eventual price of NewsRob has not been decided yet. If you have an opinion on that or on the use of ads in the app, please let me know.

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