Sunday, February 8, 2009

NewsRob 1.2

Update: If you get an error message when starting NewsRob please check if you launched it from a pre-existing shortcut please delete it and create it again afterwards.
Special thanks to Tim Suh for helping me to find and isolate the problem.

I just released the new version of this genius masterpiece with an average rating at the App Market ;-)

Changes from last Sunday:

  • NewsRob now supports labels. Say hello to the Dashboard.
    (This will only take effect for the articles you fetch from now on, not for the already fetched articles. You can, of course, clear the cache and re-fetch the articles.)
  • On the Article screen you can now use swipe gestures to navigate to the next or previous article. See the documentation here.
  • Less CPU is now used during the downloading/parsing of WebPages.
    Also NewsRob is giving up CPU more easily to other applications now.
    This should make a huge difference in the phone feeling slow during synchronization.
    Also downloads shouldn't "hang" anymore as they were due to a Java bug.
  • Scrolling is faster now.
  • The WebView cache is now managed more aggressively which results in NewsRob
    needing less of the phone precious memory.

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