Wednesday, August 4, 2010

NewsRob August Release / 4.2

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NewsRob August Release / 4.2

Pin Articles (Pro)

Here comes the implementation of a workflow feature "Pin Articles For Later Reading".

On the article list or article detail view. when you swipe right to left on an unread article header the article becomes pinned. The unread indicator changes from green to blue.

Pinned articles are not affected by Mark All Read and Mark Read Until Here. They will also no longer automatically being marked as read when opened.

When you swipe left to right a pinned article is unpinned and marked as read. Also when marking a pinned article as read on the Google Reader webapp it will be unpinned and marked as read on NewsRob also.

It depends on you if and how you want to use this feature. A possible workflow is to check articles quickly, pin those you are want to go over with more time later, and then use Mark All Read or Mark Read Until Here to deal with the other articles.

Unsubscribe Feed

You can now unsubscribe from a feed from an article's or feed's context menu. All remaining articles will be marked read and the feed will be unsubscribed during the next sync.

HTC Desire / Incredible / Froyo

Because of bugs in HTC Sense some minor NewsRob features (hovering zoom controls, sync-in-progress notification) were locked for the Desire and Incredible. The symptoms were random reboots and crashes.

Preliminary testing of the leaked Froyo builds indicate that those issues are fixed. As a consequence NewsRob 4.2 enables those features again for the mentioned devices if they run Froyo.

Hopefully that is a good idea. Please let me know if you experience the issues I described.

As always this version also contains bug fixes and small enhancements.