Friday, July 16, 2010

NewsRob July Release / 4.1

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NewsRob July Release / 4.1

Besides lots of bug fixes:

Mark Read Until Here (Pro)

You can now select an article in a list and pick "Mark Read Until Here" from the context menu. The selected article and all the articles above are then marked as read.

Refresh Content

If NewsRob fails to download an article's content for offline use you can now clear the downloaded parts and mark the article for re-download during the next sync.
You can do so by selecting "Refresh Content" from the article's context menu.

Change of Ad Provider

On the lists now Google Ads are shown instead of AdMob ads. Hopefully this will add some diversity to the served ads.

Launcher Widget Now in Free Version

The widget that was formerly only available in the pro version is now in its simplest, but most popular, form also available in the free version. It cannot be configured, but can still act as the replacement of a launcher short cut and adds the unread count to it. Check it out.

Froyo: Plugins / YouTube Thumbnails

If you have a Froyo device you will now find in the settings under "Experimental" an option where you can select if plugins are always loaded, never or on demand. This is mostly about Flash and is marked "experimental" for a reason.

Unfortunately YouTube thumbnails are not shown anymore. I am investigating.

Froyo: No Apps2SD

After a quick trial period where I enabled apps2sd I disabled it again. In the case of NewsRob it wouldn't help you much anyway and it kills auto-syncing when the phone's SD card is mounted on a PC. It also removes a widget and it seems the widgets cannot be re-added again.

Given the very minor benefits in case of NewsRob and the hard to explain nasty side effects, I decided to disable it again.

This decision is final for Froyo. I will re-evaluate it when the next Android version is out.

I have the feeling that major changes are coming, because this feature is targeted at games that could now have large static assets, say 50MB+., but unfortunately it doesn't work for games as those are the most pirated apps anyway and are fake-secured by copy protection. Copy protected apps are not compatible with apps2sd though ;(

Hence I would expect that apps2sd will evolve to something more useful over the next releases.