Friday, February 12, 2010

NewsRob 3.6

What's new or changed in NewsRob 3.6?

  • Autoskipping an empty list of feeds on the way forward
  • Autoskipping an then-empty feed list on the way back (uservoice)
  • Always using SSL when communicating with Google Reader, not only for login (uservoice)
  • "Remember password option" when logging on
  • Automatically re-logging in when session expires
  • Handling CAPTCHAs when requested by Google during login
  • Enabled Save/Restore feed specific settings.
    This is actually a feature from the previous release which I accidentally disabled before. On every sync the feed specific settings are stored to the SD card and a freshly installed NewsRob reads them from there during the initial sync.
  • Vibrates when trying to navigate before or after the begin/end of the article list in the article detail view. This can be turned off.
  • Handling "small fonts" issue with hdpi devices (Droid/Milestone, Nexus One). If you "fixed" this issue with zooming in, you now need to zoom out again. Sorry.
  • New config option for text size in the embedded browser
  • More verbose sync progress reports in the status bar
  • Manual Clear Cache/Refresh will also trigger an update of the feed names (renamed subscriptions)
  • Submitting referrer to host when downloading images.
    Need feedback if this works properly (uservoice)
  • When following redirects the base url is updated accordingly (no more broken stylesheets that are referenced relatively)
  • Downsized ads on small screens (Tattoo)
  • High resolution launcher icon for Droid/Milestone, Nexus One

And lots more bug fixes and small improvements. During the upgrade all already downloaded articles are marked as not downloaded so that they are downloaded again. This is necessary because some formatting has changed. You don't need to take any action.

NewsRob Pro only:

Please Clear Cache / Refresh once. Otherwise when using "Share With Note" NewsRob will not be able to correctly set the url of the to be shared article's feed.

If you want to vote up an already suggested feature or submit your own suggestion please visit

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  1. So far the best google reader on Android Market, thanks and keep it up :)

  2. I'm still waiting for the "like" option, will this be implemented?

  3. Romuald, thanks!

    Edain, please vote for it:

    FWIW the actual implementation is just work, finding space on the GUI is the hard part. I need to do a re-design first.

    *If* you have more questions on this come to the group to discuss it (

  4. I like the app, but you should switch to android's auth token api in newer devices so we don't have to trust your app with our google log in.

  5. You are absolutely right, but the GR team just deployed the changes necessary for that this week, or that is when I became aware of it. The current authorization scheme (SID) does not work with Android's API.

    Read more here:

  6. great app. will their be multitouch coming up?

  7. Great app! But since there is no paid applications in my Market maybe it is possible to pay for NewsRob Pro by PayPal or by AndAppStore or SlideME? It will be great.

  8. puddinhead, yeah, if there is enough interest.

    Please vote here:

  9. Ementat, yeah, the Android Market situation is less than ideal.

    I therefore did what you also recommend here:

  10. Thank you Mariano!

    Just purchased an unlock app from AndAppStore.

  11. Can the pro version support offline viewing too? Is there a subscription limit?

  12. Darin,

    regular and pro both support offline viewing. You can define the behavior if you go to a message of a feed you want to configure an select "Manage Feed" from the article menu.

    No, there is no subscription limit, but a limit on the number of articles you can have on your device. You can configure the limit, the maximum is 1,000.
    You can also configure the sync type in the global settings to "unread only" and every time you read some articles NewsRob will fill up to a 1,000 (or whatever) in the next sync.

    Again, everything described above is in the regular and pro version.

  13. Is there a way to read the full article in the mobile RSS reader without having to click through and open up the full article in a browser? I ask because I like to read the articles in the subway where I don't get wireless reception. The RSS readers works without wireless reception but you can't read the full article without wireless reception.


  14. Hey Tarak,

    yes, sure, there is. You can switch to the full view by taping once on the header and you can switch back the same way.

    If you want the web page to be downloaded for offline use you can set NewsRob to do so using the "Manage Feed" menu item accessible from an article's context menu.

  15. I would like you to add a widget, it's the only thing I am currently missing :)

  16. ChaosKiller,

    you can vote for Widgets here:

    I think I will implement the unread count widget for next release's Pro version.

  17. After Buzz comes,I am following many people(1000+) now. It enduce some problem:
    1. Most sharing stuff by them is not worth reading. So i wish a fast "reading" button on each topic title and even a "not downloading" choice when manage feed.
    2. The same topic shared by different people are robbed each other.

  18. Cao,

    the topic is pretty fuzzy right now. Could you come to the mailing list and discuss it there?

    If we come up with a good solution we can post it here then:

    Btw. afaik you can ignore "friends" in Google Reader and still read their buzz.

  19. STill using old version, 'cause it lacks annoying ads

  20. Question: Is there a list of all of the pro-only features somewhere? I was considering buying the Pro version, but I don't really want to tramp through all the posts on this blog to compile my own list (and probably miss a few).

  21. Hey Reil,

    sure, have a look here: