Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Droid takes the world by storm?

I read a couple of times now that the Motorola Droid is selling like hot cake. On the first weekend 100,000 devices might have been sold?!

The NewsRob users may not be representative, but looking at the numbers it seems that every tenth NewsRob user is now a Droid user.

The numbers are from yesterday. Look at the percentages:

I am waiting for the Droid myself, but it will take another couple of days until it is available in Europe as Motorola Milestone.

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  1. New Droid users here and I am loving NewsRob! Great app. If you are open to suggested improvements, I have a few.

    1) provide the ability to not sync particular feeds or not sync particular folders. I have a lot of feeds. Many of them are ones that generate hundreds of headlines in a day, which I usually only skim through about once ever few days to see if there is anything in there. I am hitting the 1000k article download too often, so without this feature I am going to have to either set up two Reader accounts or start unsubscribing.

    2) It would be nice to have the ability to delete articles. There are some feeds that I read through, mark as read and would like the ability to delete some of hte articles and keep others, so that ones I want to go back to and read later have less of a chance of being deleted. Right now if there is an article I want to read.

    Great program and you will love the Droid when you get it...

  2. Hey Austin, thanks for the praise.

    1) That is not supported by Google Reader:

    2) Probably that should work for you:

  3. I like the usability of this app!!

    However, it seems that if a feed is in two different folders in Google Reader, it doesn't show up in either one on Newsrob. Am I doing something wrong?

  4. Hey Lisa,

    it should actually show up in both.

    Have there been new articles in this feed since you use NewsRob?

    Btw. we can continue this here, and that's fine, but if go to the NewsRob mailing list there is a greater chance that somebody else might also comment on this issue, because s/he also had it:

  5. Sorry, it was user error. I had not set my capacity setting and so the feed wasn't being downloaded.

  6. Hey Lisa,

    thanks for the feedback.

    It's an instance of a somewhat common pattern. I really try hard to make NewsRob easy to understand and use, but it's a challenging task ;-)

    I am not quite sure how to make this particular topic more obvious.

  7. It would be nice if it would list titles/numbers of posts that aren't yet downloaded.

  8. Ok, I will think about how to best visualize that.