Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Donut ready

Google today released the SDK for Android 1.6 Donut.

Fortunately this time nothing in NewsRob had to be changed to make it compatible with the new release. So don't let NewsRob hold up your migration (as if) to Donut: I tested NewsRob 3.0.0 and it works fine.

I will wait some time for the vast majority of users to catch the new Android version before I release Donut specific functionality. Likely candidates for NewsRob are gestures as well as the participation in the system wide search.


  1. i was already on cyanogen experimental roms, so i've been running 1.6 for a few weeks.
    AFAICT i never noticed any bug caused by it :)

  2. I really love your newsrob! Recently i had sadly to pass to a blackberry it possible to convert it for BB OS ? Development for BB is made on Java as Android afaik

  3. BUGabundo, just rooted my phone for the first time last night ;-)

    thanks very much. I love your enthusiasm for NewsRob a lot ... but I really don't have any spare time left ;-( Sorry. And if, I would probably write a Flickr App for Android ;-)


  4. I am running Cyanogen's experimental (Donut-based) ROM, though I don't know that this is related. Recently, though, Newsrob has stopped downloading images or all images anyway. I definitely have ample room on my SD card. I tried clearing the cache but to no avail. Any ideas? And thanks for an otherwise great feed reader!

  5. I am using cyanogen's 4.10.1 myself and it works fine.

    I would need logs to see what happens. Can you send them to me or paste some place and link here .... or directly go to the Google group (see sidebar)?

  6. Hi,

    I really love NewsRob, it's easily the best Android Google Reader client by far.

    Will you be adding a feature to keep all starred items rather than just the most recent ones? For those of us that get lots of feed items every day the starred items disappear quickly in the 500 article limit.

    Keep up the good work!


  7. Hi, I'm using 3.2.0 in an HTC Hero and I've noted that NewsRob doesn't sync all the articles. At this moment I can see 62 unread articles in browser Google Reader but only show 4 unread articles.

  8. Hey Gwydion,

    NewsRob "only" syncs the most recent 500 articles, whereby 500 is the max capacity you configure in the settings.

    Hence your most recent 500 articles only contain 4 unread articles.

    There will likely be a change in the not to distant future, but I am busy with other stuff at the moment and haven't thought this one out.

    Here is the relevant topic on the NewsGroup regarding this issue:

  9. Thanks for the fast response :)