Sunday, March 8, 2009

NewsRob 1.6

Changes from last week:

  • Downloading is much more stable and resilient now

    I literally looked at hundreds of downloads and its errors and made NewsRob much more resilient. This should make a huge, noticeable difference.
    Feedback is appreciated.

  • UI changes

    As suggested by Julian Felke I thought again about the icons that indicate if an article is downloaded.
    Now a world globe represents a downloaded web page, a solid phone represents the downloaded feed content including the images, a hollow phone an article that still needs to be downloaded and a hollow phone with a red dot an article that NewsRob tried to download but failed with an error that NewsRob believes is not recoverable with another attempt.

    I also changed the layout and the "star" button is removed. Instead starring and unstarring is now available from the context menu accessible by a long press on the article.

    As a result of the new layout scrolling in the list is faster now.

  • Alternate content is now shown properly

    Also reported by Julian was a bug regarding the alternate content. NewsRob now picks the right alternate content. Before sometimes enclosures, e.g. an image, were used.

    This affects the download of the web page content as well as the result of launching the browser with "Show in Browser".

  • Display of umlauts fixed

    In some cases umlauts were not displayed properly.
    Please let me know if you still find examples for umlauts that are rendered incorrectly.
Let me know how you like it.


  1. Nooooo! You've removed the star *everywhere*! That's that only reason I was using NewsRob. I go through hundreds of alerts in one sitting, marking them for further attention later when I get back to my desktop computer. I can whip through them super-fast with the star. But now that feature is completely removed in favor of a contextual menu. Starring items contextually SUCKS. It's slow, slow, slow. AAAAaAAaaaaaAAAArgh. So slow as to be unusable.

    Please restore the star to the full item view! I don't need it in the list view, but in the full item view it is absolutely necessary. Please, please, please, please. There's no other alternative. The mobile version of Google Reader for the browser can't do the job because it doesn't work offline.

  2. It was taking up a lot of space Grant.
    I will think about it during the week. Maybe I can add a preference to display the star on the Show Article screen.

    Thanks for sharing the alerts use case.